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  • Annual membership is $30
  • Students are members free of charge
  • With a one-time contribution of $ 1,500 members receive life-time membership
  • There are two ways the AFM membership payments can be made -- regardless whether annual ($ 30) or life-time ($ 1,500):

    (1) The traditional check by US Postal Service, made out to American Friends of DLA Marbach, is still the safest and proven method. Please send the check to the following address:

    Hal H. Rennert
    1505 NW 51st Terrace
    Gainesville, Florida 32605

    (2) For recurring membership payments you may opt for the free, online, bank-to-bank transfer payment system merely using your and my e-mail address (hal_rennert(a) and the name of the account at Bank of America, namely American Friends of DLA Marbach. Please note, this is not a so called wire transfer for which there is a fee, nor is it using one of the online services sich as Paypal or Easypay, etc. Also, it is best to set this up with a full service bank, because credit unions may not be using this system. Neither are the routing number nor the specific account number for our AFM account at Bank of America required. Our AFM account at Bank of America is set up and ready to go using this system. Please check with your bank, if you want to use this system.


  • Members are privileged users of the DLA: they receive the DLA-newsletter and pay reduced rates for exhibition entrance and publications.
  • Life-time members can stay at the Collegienhaus for free for up to two weeks a year.

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Alfred Doeblin's identification card as motion picture employee in Hollywood. His estate is in the Marbach archive

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