Board of Directors

In 2008 a group of American university teachers was invited to visit Marbach and to examine the importance of its archive. In the end, the American Friends of Marbach (AFM) was founded.

Honorary Chairman:

Walter Hinderer (Princeton University)

Executive Officers:


Paul Michael L├╝tzeler (Washington University in St. Louis)


Meike G. Werner (Vanderbilt University in Nashville)


Hal Rennert (University of Florida in Gainesville)


Roland S. Kamzelak (DLA)

Executive Committee:

Adelson, Leslie (Cornell University)
Fore, Devin (Princeton University)
Helfer, Martha (Rutgers University)
Johnson, Laurie (University of Illinois)
Liebersohn, Harry (University of Illinois)
Moltke, Johannes von (University of Michigan)
Rabinbach, Anson (Princeton University)
Weissberg, Liliane (University of Pennsylvania)
Wetters, Kirk (Yale University)

Ex officio members:

Heike Gfrereis (DLA, Head of the Museum)
Roland S. Kamzelak (DLA, Deputy Director)
Anna Kinder (DLA, Research Coordinator)
Sandra Richter (DLA, Director)

The AFM Executive Committee organizes one symposium per year. During the years with even numbers it meets at the DLA in Marbach, and in the years with odd numbers at the university where a AFM Executive Committee member is teaching. The symposia at American institutions took place at the University of Pennsylvania (2009), the University of Chicago (2011), Princeton University (2013), Yale University (2015), Washington University in St. Louis (2017) and the next one is going to be organized at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (2019).




The Friends' first meeting in Philadelphia, USA.

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